A Better Way to Heat Your Quakertown, PA Home

A Better Way to Heat Your Quakertown, PA Home

Plan your custom fireplace design or installation today

Eastern Pennsylvania can get pretty cold in the winter, and running your heat can start to get expensive. Find a better way to heat your home by getting a custom fireplace installation.

Scollon Contractors offers custom fireplace design and installation services throughout Quakertown, PA. Whether you want a fireplace in your living room or a luxury outdoor fireplace, our contractors can build whatever you have in mind.

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Build your dream fireplace

A beautiful indoor or outdoor fireplace can add so much warmth and comfort to your home. At Scollon Contractors, we'll build your dream fireplace from start to finish by:

  • Excavating the area and building a cinder block shelf.
  • Making a firebox and smoke chamber, then setting up the flue.
  • Encasing the chimney in cinder blocks, then with aesthetic stone.

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